We understand that parents have long working days, as do teachers. So why not let A Sporting Hand run your extracurricular programme. We can offer a wide variety of sporting activities to give opportunities for all children to increase their physical activity levels.

Did you know? Children concentrate better in the classroom from a structured and active lunchtime. 

A Sporting Hand can offer the following solutions:

☑ Breakfast Club - The best way to start the day is through physical activity. A 45 minute session before school will improve children's performance in the classroom. This also helps parents who work early.

☑ Lunchtime Club - We can run numerous sports activities during the lunch break to keep children physically active. This option proves to be very popular and helps staff manage children during lunch time.

☑ After School Club - A 60 minute session giving children the opportunity to try out a variety of sporting activities in a fun environment, including bubble football. All administrative jobs are completed by our staff.

☑ 1-2-1 Sports Mentoring - A great support tool for children who struggle in PE, as well as being great for children with a natural talent you want to help develop.

☑ Motivational Programmes - If some children aren't engaging in lessons, or misbehave during PE, our motivational programmes help to develop a love for sport.